About Us


Welcome to AL NAJIM Bakery & Sandwiches,


At Al Najim we are excited to be celebrating our grand opening bakery & sandwiches in Boca Raton. We will be serving always fresh, never frozen, meats, fresh ingredients and mouth watering Lebanese pies. The authentic Lebanese style.


We are a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to excellence, pride, loyalty and creative thinking. Today, the new AL NAJIM Bakery & Sandwiches team has been continuing the established tradition as an industry leader thriving on the leading edge of innovation.


We are proud to offer our customers the finest pies for all occasions. We believe that our customers are the main reason why we are in business and why our focus on satisfying their needs continues to make us successful. AL NAJIM Bakery & Sandwiche is a progressive organization that takes the time to adjust to what is important today, tomorrow and in years to come.


We are conscious of consumer preferences and market trends.