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Hummus   8
Traditional middle-eastern purée of chickpeas, fresh garlic, tahini paste and a splash of lemon juice. Served with pita bread.
Hummus with Meat    11
Our signature hummus, served with tender cubes of sirloin sauteed in extra virgin olive oil. Served with pita bread.
Falafel    8
Falafel are fried savory patties prepared with spiced chickpeas, fava beans, onions and fresh herbs. Served with tahini sauce.
Foul Medames   8
This traditional Egyptian dish is a combination of fava beans, fresh garlic, lemon juice, diced tomatoes, and parsley tossed with extra virgin olive oil.
Jawaneh   10
Lebanese adaptation of chicken wings, marinated in fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, then fried to crispy perfection.
2 Kibbeh   8
Kibbeh is one of the most beloved Lebanese creations. This longtime favorite is a fried meat croquette prepared with spiced ground sirloin and lamb, pine nuts, herbs, and onions and enveloped by a crispy finely cracked wheat shell.
Kibbeh Nayeh   14
Kibbeh Nayeh is the raw version of the classic kibbeh. It is Lebanon’s national dish, and is served as a vibrant tartare, topped with fresh onions and mint. This one is a must-try!
Labneh   8
Our homemade labneh is a cheese made from strained fresh yogurt. It has a creamy consistency and a tangy flavor that is excellent with pita bread or as an accompaniment. It is served drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and chopped fresh mint.
Grape Leaves   9
Waraq lnab, an Arabic name for grape leaves, are a traditional finger food. The blanched grape leaves are rolled and stuffed with rice, ground sirloin and specially selected spices.
Vegetarian Grape Leaves   9
The unique Shaddai  vegetarian version is stuffed with rice, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, minced garlic and fresh parsley and mint.
Shanklish   9
Aged feta cheese marinated with the bold flavors of oregano, crushed red pepper, onions, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and other Mediterranean spices.
Baba Ghanoush   9
This flavorful dip boasts freshly grilled eggplant that is puréed with tahini, garlic, spices and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Served with pita bread.
Farmer's Cheese   8
Delicate white farmer cheese is fried and served with fresh parsley.
Mjaddarah   8
Vegetarian’s delight! A simple Lebanese dish of rice and lentils finished with sautéed onion and served with laban, a tart Lebanese yogurt sauce.
Arayes   8
Crispy grilled “Lebanese sandwiches”, Arayes consist of delicately seasoned meat layered between thin pita bread.
Appetizer Combo   44
Create your own combo by choosing five appetizers or salads. (Excludes Kibbeh Nayeh)

combo order can only be one of each



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