Entrees & Kabobs

All entrees are served with Fatoush salad and pita bread.


Shaddai Platter   23
A taste of Lebanon! This platter includes hummus, baba ghanoush, grape leaves, tabouleh salad and fried kibbeh.
Shaddai Vegetarian Platter   20
Hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, Vegetarian grape leaves and tabouleh salad
Shaddai Lemon Chicken   18
Tender sliced boneless skinless marinated chicken breast sautéed in lemon and garlic served with angel hair basmati rice.
Grape Leaves Platter   20
Waraq lnab, an Arabic name for grape leaves, are a traditional finger food. The blanched grape leaves are rolled and stuffed with rice, ground sirloin and specially selected spices.
Vegetarian Grape Leaves Platter   20
The unique Shaddai vegetarian
version is stuffed with rice, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, minced garlic and fresh parsley and mint.

Rack of Lamb   35
Grilled seasoned rack of lamb served with angel hair basmati rice .


Our kabobs are marinated with our secret recipe, and grilled to perfection. Kabob platters are served with traditional Lebanese angel hair basmati rice, marinated grilled onions and bell peppers.
Kafta Kabob   19
These tender, savory kabobs are made with seasoned ground sirloin and lamb, parsley and spices.
Beef Kabob   19
Two skewers of juicy hand-cut marinated grilled sirloin.
Chicken Kabob   18
Two grilled skewers of moist marinated skinless chicken breast.

Lamb Kabob   24
Two skewers of hand-trimmed spiced marinated lamb.
Shrimp Kabob   23
Two skewers of marinated jumbo shrimp.
Kabob Combo   28
One skewer each of chicken kabob. beef kabob and kafta kabob.
Kabob Combo for Four. A tour of tastes  69
Two skewers each of beef kabob, chicken kabob, lamb kabob and kafta kabob.
Add shrimp   80       

Add rack of lamb   85



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We have one of the best Chefs who specializes in Middle-Eastern Food and catering.

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