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Where you live plays a significant part in determining your rate. A general rule of thumb is that auto insurance is likely to be less expensive in rural areas and smaller towns. Think about it this way: more people + more cars + more roads + more distractions = a greater likelihood of accidents.


So what about the things in your control? The steps below may give you a few ideas about tweaking your coverage to get the best bang for your auto insurance buck.

Consider the car you're driving. What's its actual cash value? If your car's on its last wheels, maybe paying for comprehensive coverage doesn't make sense. Here's a quick rule of thumb: if your car's worth less than 10 times your annual premium, consider dropping comprehensive coverage. But if it's still got that new car smell, comprehensive and collision coverage (based on your policy) are part of your auto insurance that takes care of vehicle damage.


Quick tip: increasing your deductible will help lower your rate. But if your car is damaged, you'll pay more out of pocket. Keep in mind, too, that cars with a long safety record may cost less to insure.


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