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It doesn't matter what province you live in, having health insurance in United States is very important and has become essential. Incidents are situations we can't avoid and having something like health insurance will make it everything easier.


Every province offers a different plan to its citizens when it comes to health insurance in United States. All these plans cover basic medical care, including doctor visits and most costs of hospitalization, if needed. However, there are provinces that charge a monthly amount for basic health care insurance.


There are 4 types of health insurance in United States, we will try to explain them and what they cover. The first one of them is: 

Supplementary or extended health insurance

This type of insurance pays for health services, such as prescription drug and dental services.

Disability insurance

This type of insurance takes place when you are not able to work for a certain amount of time. 

Travel medical insurance

This will cover any medical treatment you may need if you're outside of Canada. 

Long-term care insurance

This will cover expenses if you go into a long term hospitalization or nursing home. 

There are many different companies who offer health insurance in United Staes of America, but you need to be really smart when it comes to choosing the best one for you. Check out the reviews our customers have submitted on health insurance in United States to have a better perspective on what to expect. You don't want to deal with an inefficient company who offers health insurance in Canada. Imagine having to pay extremely high premiums for your health insurance in the U.S. and then after your first injury your health insurance company drops you as a customer? The U.S. Insurance Reviews knows you don't want that.

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