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   The Health care reform act" also known as The Affordable Care Act, aka, Obama Care, is a piece of legislation that allows you and your family to get health insurance even if you were not insurable before due to pre-existing condition(s).Now, pre-existing conditions can not be excluded. It is a “guaranteed issue” policy. You may now purchase a major medical insurance policy from major carriers that sell their policies in Florida and based on your next year's family income, you may be eligible for a sizable subsidy. That means the government pays part or all of the premiums.


   You can't ever be canceled when you are sick or for making a mistake on your application. Well woman visits and preventive care are covered as well as mammograms, pap smears, and well-baby care and colonoscopies are "all" covered 100% (no cost sharing like before). You will have guaranteed access to maternity care with all plans (you don't have to buy a maternity rider). Women have more control over their health care now.


   The affordability feature means that depending on your family compositon and income the premium can be as low as zero. Do not be fooled by the premiums thinking that the insurance is of poor quality.  The companies, in fact, are now offering a wider choice of plans to suit your needs and budget.Prior to this act, companies had an annual or lifetime maximum they would pay on your behalf. Now there is no dollar cap or amount they will pay. All plans cover prescription medications and can not be excluded because of a pre-exisitng condition.You can choose from; HSA's, Co pay plans, HMO"s and 100% plans and a wide variety of deductibles including catostrophic plans. An adult child can now stay on a parent's plan up to age 26. Mental health services and addiction treatment (in and out patient treatment): behavioral health treatment, counseling and psychotherapy are all covered and can not be excluded.


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